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Robert Ristic

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Nicholas Gall

Robert Ristic

Robert came up through the Almeida Young Company and the National Youth Theatre. 

Previous credits include BBC daytime series DOCTORS, feature film 90 MINUTES and various short films including DARK LOVE.





Robert Ristic

Feature Film

Title Role Production Director
ARRIVED Barry Qualia Creative Adam Liddicoatt
BOOM Rayne Qualia Creative Robert Ristic
LONDONBOYS Tony Brave Soldier Films Gary Nurse
ROADKILL The Sandman Qualia Creative Jonathan D'Ambrosio
90 MINUTES Jack El Capitan Simon Baker
DARK LOVE Him Qualia Creative Jonathan D'Ambrosio
TRYLIFE EPISODE 3 - JACOB'S STORY Jacob (Lead Role) TryLife Shaun James Grant
COUNCIL ESTATE OF MIND James/Lead Central Film School Harry Royds
IWO JIMA Mishi/Lead Japanese Solid Central Film School Nick Inglis
BRACE Mugger Independent FIlm Alicya Eyo


Title Role Production Director
LOVEPLAY Marcus The Courtyard Theatre Owain Rose
GET BY ME IF YOU DARE Lead Orphan The Almeida Theatre Touring Company Simon Pollard
LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS Various Roles The Almeida Theatre Boris Witzenfeld
BABEL Multiple Roles National Youth Theatre James Copp
BLACK? Main Boyfriend The Almeida Theatre Alex Thorpe
DARK GLAMOUR Lead Drug Addict/Student Islington Community Theatre Titas Halder
THE HOTEL (SITE SPECIFIC) Lead Host The Almeida Theatre Mini Lab Raquel Meseguer
THE PACT Lead Student Islington Community Theatre Ned Glasier
THE PSYCHE OF A NATION (SITE SPECIFIC) Lead Soldier The Almeida Theatre Mini Lab/PunchDrunk Abdul Shayek
THE RED HELICOPTER Humbert (Lead) The Almeida Theatre Tessa Walker


Title Role Production Director
DOCTORS Jordan Miller BBC Various Directors

Short Film

Title Role Production Director
JE SUIS UNE REVOLUTION Boy Pili Mili Films Milda Baginskaite