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Lizzie Brochere

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Nicki van Gelder
Rachael Swanston

Lizzie Brochere

Lizzie Brochere most recently shot the French film COMM MON FILS directed by Franck Brett and AMERICAN GIGALO for Paramount.

She is best known for her role as Grace in the second season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY as well as her role as Kelly in the 2017 horror movie, RINGS.

Lizzie won the award for Best Young Actress in 2007 for her role in GRADUATE AT 70! and later went on to win Best Actress at the Chicago International Film festival in 2015 for her role in FULL CONTACT as Cindy.





Lizzie Brochere

Feature Film

Title Role Production Director
COMME MON FILS Isabelle Desnain Radar Films Franck Brett
THE MARK OF THE ANGELS - MISERERE Dounia Pathé Sylvain White
THE VINTNER'S LUCK Sabine New Zealand Film Niki Caro
FULL CONTACT Cindy Lemming Film David Verbeek
RINGS Kelly Macari/Edelstein F. Javier Gutiérrez
THE PLAYGROUND Raphaëlle Albertine Productions Hafsia Herzi
T'EN FAIS PAS, J'SUIS LÀ Marie Pierre Isoard
LA BELLE ÉPOQUE Gisèle / La copine de Margot Les Films du Kiosque Nicolas Bedos
VAURIEN Anna K2 productions Mehdi Senoussi


Title Role Production Director
THE HOUR (ONE SEASON) Camille Mettier BBC America Various
AMERICAN HORROR STORY (ONE SEASON) Grace Bertrand FX Network Various
VERSAILLES (3 SEASONS) Claudine Zodiak Various
WAR OF THE WORLDS Juliet Canal+ / Star Indra Siera
AMERICAN GIGALO Isabelle Paramount David Hollander
THE CRIMSON RIVERS Audrey Europacorp Television Various
MIRAGE Mélanie Cineflix Productions Louis Choquette
FALLING WATER (2 SEASONS) Tess / Violet Gangtackle Productions Various

Short Film

Title Role Production Director
ALTERATION Nadia ARTE Jérôme Blanquet
THE FOURTH WALL Chloé Edelweiss Productions Kelsey Bollig


Title Role Production Director
MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE Marona Aparte Film Anca Damian