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Heidi Berger

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Greg Herst

Heidi Berger

Heidi was born in Montecarlo, Monaco to a Portuguese father and Austrian mother. She is best known for playing leading roles in two Portuguese series - Elisa in ONDE ESTA ELISA and Nono in A UNICA MULHER. Other credits include central roles in Austrian crime drama MEIBERGER and German series TRAKEHNERBLUT. Heidi speaks French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and English. 



Heidi Berger


Title Role Production Director
AS TRES MULHERES Suzia Abecassis (regular) RTP David E. Golias
MEIBERGER Eve (regular) Mona Film Marcus Ulbricht & Soleen Yusef
ONDE ESTA ELISA Elisa Menezes (lead) Plural Entertainment Various Directors
TRAKEHNERBLUT Maja (regular) Samfilm GMBH Andreas Herzog & Christopher Schier
A UNICA MULHER Nônô (regular) Plural Entertainment Various Directors