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Warm Reception for Cold Feet

6 September 2016 Voices & Campaigns News Hermione Norris

Last night saw the return of ITV smash series COLD FEET with a whopping 6.6 million viewers at it’s peak.  The original ran for five series, with more than 10 million tuning in for the emotional finale. With such a startling start this comeback is set to delight audiences once again every Monday at 9pm.

CVGG’s Hermione Norris, aka Karen Marsden in COLD FEET, is a very familiar face to UK audiences as leading lady in numerous primetime dramas such as IN THE CLUB, SPOOKS, WIRE IN THE BLOOD to name a few.

Hermione is a hugely experienced voice artist and can always be relied upon to give a comforting and commanding read. She has voiced a wide range of commercials and documentaries and currently has good availability for voice overs.

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