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Sure to have them Flocking to the Cinema's

28 January 2015 Voices & Campaigns News

They have made some of Britain's most charming movies over the years and has given generations so many memorable characters, but this year Aardman returns to our screens with probably the cutest of them all, SHAUN THE SHEEP the Movie.

The actual storyline is this: down on Mossy Bottom farm, Shaun leads his rambunctious flock in a convoluted plan to outwit martinet sheepdog Bitzer and keep Farmer asleep and thereby earn a day off. However, their manoeuverings have more-serious-than-intended consequences when Farmer gets a clunk on the head, and ends up an amnesiac in the Big City – prompting Shaun and chums to follow his trail (through a fancy restaurant, a chi-chi hairdresser’s, and the world’s most fearsome dog pound) in order to restore balance and harmony to the world.

And the legendary SHAUN will be voiced, or more precisely bleeted by our very own JUSTIN FLETCHER.

Check out one of this years cutest trailers here:


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