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Richard Wilson On The Road.........................I Don't Believe it!!!!!!!!

5 January 2015 Voices & Campaigns News

I know I know, its a cheap gag but when your talking about the great RICHARD WILSON, how can you not.

But this isn't an article about the comedic powerhouse that was One Foot in the Grave, oh no, this about Richard fabulous new series on ITV called "Richard Wilson on the Road".

This charming travel documentary see's the mighty Mr Wilson on a driving tour of the UK in his vintage 1960s Daimler, Deborah, but there’s no sat nav for him – he’s using the Shell Guides first published in the 1930s.

With his 1936 guide on board, Richard is exploring the beautiful countryside and gets back in touch with its vintage beauty.

Catch the whole stunning series on ITV.

(photographer Shelia Burnett)

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