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10 June 2015 Voices & Campaigns News

Last night saw the Gala premiere of the NATIONAL THEATRE'S play turned film "LONDON ROAD" at the Ritzy in Brixton. The film stars two of our very own Londoners PAUL THORNLEY and MICHAEL SHAEFFER.

For those of you not familiar with the story, London Road depicts a community of people who – via fish and chip nights, tea and biscuits, and gardening competitions – gradually find a way of emerging from the shadow of violence, after the Ipswich Prostitute Murders in 2006.

But this is no normal documentary portrait. Instead, London Road is a “verbatim” musical, matching – word for word, respecting every pause, every stutter, every colloquialism – the cadence of throwaway comments and small observations to the camp melodies of a West End jolly.

With Paul in the role of "Dodge" and Michael reprising his role as "Simon Newton" we can assure you this is not a film to be missed.

Keep an eye on our website for full release details, and have a listen to the boys reels too, guaranteed to impress.

Also check out the trailer here:


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