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9 September 2016 Voices & Campaigns News Joanna Lumley

Tonight sees national treasure JOANNA LUMLEY guide us through another magical adventure, this time exploring some of the most uncharted corners of Japan’s 6,800 mystical islands. This new three part series will follow Joanna as she travels to the far reaches of Japan, from the icy Siberian seas of the north to the subtropical islands of the south. 

Joanna is a highly sort after for commercials & documentary work alike. With an engaging and endearing appeal her voice is held in high regard. Next month Joanna is set to start filming on new romantic comedy  FINDING YOUR FEET alongside some of Britain’s most loved and gifted actors, including CVGG's Imelda Staunton. Now would be a good chance to catch her for campaigns. 

Don't miss JOANNA'S JAPAN, Tonight at 9pm on ITV

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