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INNOCENT starts tonight on ITV

14 May 2018 Acting | Voice & Campaigns News Christina Cole Hermione Norris Lee Ingleby

Tonight sees the launch of Innocent on ITV starring Lee Ingleby, Hermione Norris and Christina Cole.

David Collins (Lee Ingleby) is unexpectedly acquitted on a technicality having served seven years of a life sentence for the murder of his wife Tara. On the steps of the court he vows to bring to book those who lied at his original trial, to see the real killer jailed and more importantly, to regain custody of his two young children Jack and Rosie.

The verdict is a terrible shock to Tara’s sister, Alice (Hermione Norris) and her husband Rob. Unable to conceive, together they have raised the kids as their own and they are precious beyond belief to both of them.

Christiana Cole's Louise, makes acusation of her own as she makes more fincacial demands of husband and doctor Tom Wilson.

The series will play out over 4 consecutive nights this week on ITV, and promises to be gripping from start to finish.

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