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HELEN McCRORY is a "National" Treasure

17 July 2014 Voices & Campaigns News

This week the wonderful HELEN McCRORY made a triumphant return to the NATIONAL THEATRE stage playing the title character in their new production of MEDEA.

With such a brilliant story, told by such a fantastic actress we can't wait to read the reviews next Tuesday after Press night on Monday, so make sure you get your tickets booked up soon.

Also in line with the Nationals NTLIVE project the show will be screened across the world on the 4th of September, putting Helen back on our screens once again.

Of course if September is an unbearable amount of time away, you could always tune in to CHANNEL 4 at 5.40pm on SUNDAY and catch her as MAMA JEANNE in Martin Scorsese's HUGO, the compelling tail of a parisian orphan who lives in the walls of a train station....................In Paris.

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