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Jaye Ersavas

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David Lazenby

Jaye Ersavas

Jaye made his professional debut as series regular Halil in the BBC comedy PRU. 

Following this with the film CYBER CHOICES, Jaye then takes the lead role of KYLE in the emotionally charged LIKE MOTHER.

He will next be seen as Chris in the film HOME, which tells the story of a young man grappling with his past in care when he's faced with life-changing responsibility. 



Jaye Ersavas


Title Role Production Director
PRU (SERIES 1) Halil (Series Regular) BBC Teddy Nygh


Title Role Production Director
HOME Chris Sticker Studios Luke Brookner
LIKE MOTHER Kyle SurrealShot Films Ltd. Akash Prasad
CYBER CHOICES Connor Take One Productions Laurence Moody