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Darcy Grey

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David Lazenby
Greg Herst

Darcy Grey

Darcy has just wrapped on the gritty indie STRANGER IN VENICE, taking the lead role. 

Having finished his run as EMMERDALE hunk Marcus Dean he has also appeared in PENNYWORTH for HBO. 

He trained at Drama Centre after spending his childhood in Spain.




Darcy Grey


Title Role Production Director
EMMERDALE Marcus Dean (Series Regular) ITV Various
PENNYWORTH Roddy Warner Brothers Danny Cannon


Title Role Production Director
STALKER OF VENICE Matteo (Lead) Johnson Production Group Lane Shefter Bishop


Title Role Production Director
HAMLET Hamlet Drama Centre London Paul Goodwin
THE SEAGUL Trigorin Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, Moscow Irina Pakhomova
KATZLEMACHER Paul Drama Centre London Kay Michael
ANTIGONE Creon Drama Centre London Benjamin Askew
THE BETRAYAL Robert Drama Centre London Harry Burton
TILL THE DAY I DIE Ernst Taussig Drama Centre London Aiofa Smyth
Just wrapped as a series regular in ITV’s EMMERDALE playing: Marcus Dean