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Annice Boparai

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Alice Smith

Annice Boparai

Annice has recently starred in J’OUVERT, a Sonia Friedman and Theatre503 production at the Harold Pinter Theatre. 

In theatre, Annice has previously appeared in FAITH for the RSC and Coventry City of Culture, BORDER CONTROL and 17 at the Vaults and TROJAN HORSE.



Annice Boparai


Title Role Production Director
IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE Artemisia Breach Theatre Billy Barrett
J'OUVERT Nisha Sonia Friedman Productions / West End Rebekah Murrell
BORDER CONTROL A Hack Theatre, The Vaults Olivia Furber
HEAR ME NOW MONOLOUGES Emanuella/Laila/Ash/Janey Theatre503 Priscilla Lafayette
SERVICE, ELLANDAR PRODUCTIONS Manny White Bear Theatre Denise Stephenson
UPBEAT THE PLAY Annabelle/ID Fractal Theatre Ella Zgorska
17 Yasmin Wildcard, The Vaults Balisha Karra & Finley Rose-Townsend
HOMING BIRDS Nazneen Kali Theatre Helena Bell
J'OUVERT Nisha Theatre503 Rebekah Murrell
PERSIAN GIRLS Nahid Airlock Theatre Robbie Taylor-Hunt
SANTI & NAZ Santi The Thelmas Madeline Moore
TAMASHA SCRATCH NIGHT Nel/Simran/Mother Leicester Curve Theatre Beth Kapila & Omar Khan
TAMASHA SCRATCH NIGHT Meg/Yasmin/Abi Soho Theatre Brigette Adela & Zhui Ning Chang
ALL THE CULTURELESS PEOPLE Fezoza Papercut Theatre Melissa Dunne
SILENTLY HOPING Kalila Minatuarists 67, Arcola Theatre Mingyu Lin
THE CANARY AND THE CROW & 17 Yas / Various Roles Gig Theatre, Middle Child Theatre Company Paul Smith
THE GREAT CELESTIAL COW Sita Belgrade Theatre Balisha Karra, Finley R-Townsend, Corey Campbell
TROJAN HORSE, LUNG THEATRE & LEEDS PLAYHOUSE Elaine/ Henna Summerhall Main Hall, Edinburgh Fringe Matt Woodhead & Helen Monks
17 Yasmin Frankie Meredith Anoushka Bonwick
BEHIND THE BLAST WALL Ghuncha Theatre503, Sahar Speaks Rachel Valentine Smith
EARLSFIELD STORIES Sonia Tara Arts Matt Maltby & Jatinder Verma
IF AND WHEN Meridian Soho Theatre Blythe Stewart
THE GREAT GATSBY Various Roles Lougmair Collective Tommo Fowler & David Lougmair
THE LIGHTS Rose The Royal Court/The Oxford School of Drama Hal Chambers
YOUR'RE SO RELEVANT Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart
ANDORRA Doctor The Oxford School of Drama Alice Malin
OLIVER TWIST Rose Maylie The Oxford School of Drama Kirsty McFarland & Steve Woodward
THE LONDON CUCKOLDS Jane The Oxford School of Drama Cordelia Monsey
A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY Natalya Petrovna The Oxford School of Drama Dan Coleman


Title Role Production Director
J'OUVERT Nisha BBC Lights Up/ Sonia Friedman Productions Rhodri Huw
DOCTORS Naveena Thakur (Guest Lea BBC John Maidens
MAN LIKE MOBEEN (READTHROUGH) Narrator Tiger Aspect Ollie Parsons

Short Film

Title Role Production Director
OBSCURE ORIGINS Goodie Molly Moody
100 YEARS OF RAF Sonia Fujitsu Guy Ducker
THINGS NOT TO SAY Speaker BBC3 Rubina Pabani
FORGEIN-ERS Prisha Foliage Films Erin Barry
OTHELLO SHORTS Emilia The Oxford School of Drama Dylan Brown


Title Role Production Director

Rehearsed Reading

Title Role Production Director
DINASOURS IN LOVE Maya Middle Child Theatre Company Paul Smith/ Gillian Greer
NO BOOZE ON THE NIGHT BUS Fazza Selladoor Mingyu Lin
SEX AND VIOLENCE Woman Papercut Theatre Melissa Dunne
HARDWARE Carly Anoushka Bonwick
TIDAL WAVE Miriam Tom Mellors
NEW LIFE Mina/Shirin/Debbie Script Tank Naz Sadoughi
ROUGH MUSIC Emily Renton/ Fifth Signc Finborough Theatre Melissa Dunne
OUTRAGE! Baby/ Policewoman/ Charli Camdens Peoples Theatre Madeline Moore
2022 Selwa Bread and Roses Theatre Daisy Milner
GALVANISE Lakshana Rascal Theatre Company, So & So Arts Club Caroline Simonsen
AVIATRIX Jess Ivo Theatre Company, Albany Theatre Olivia Furber & Jo Tyabji
17 Yasmin 2Northdown Anoushka Bonwick
BOOTCAMP Mira The Thelmas/Women at RADA Madeline Moore
THE NET Hana Tristan Bates Theatre Sadie Spencer
ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE Eight Soho Theatre Hannah Hauer-King


Title Role Production Director
THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING Alizon The Oxford School of Drama Jane Morgan

Currently reprising the role of Nisha in J'Ouvert with Sonia Friedman Productions written by Yasmin Joseph and directed by Rebekah Murrell at The Harold Pinter Theatre 16th June-3rd July 2021. Also part of BBC Lights Up Season and available on BBC iPlayer.<br /><br />"Annice Boparai has arguably the hardest job, making the passionate but ill-judged character of Nisha both laughable and likeable, and she more than rises to the challenge. She relishes her role, making it impossible not to care about her. Audiences may even recognise some of their own shortcomings in her character."- Theatre Weekly